Emergency Medical Service

The Evansdale Fire Department does more than just fight fires when called to respond to an emergency. The department employs highly skilled paramedics and firefighters who are cross trained to ensure they are able to respond to a variety of emergency situations. The Evansdale Fire Department has proper vehicles, gear, and devices used in responses.
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Hazardous Material Response

The Evansdale Fire Department also provides hazardous material response services to the community. Our Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) Response team is comprised of hazardous material experts who specialize in detecting, containing, and removing any release or potential release of hazardous substances in order to control or stabilize an incident.
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Public Education

The Evansdale Fire Department provides fire safety education for schools, daycares and civic organizations as requested. The crew is available to participate in various educational events including station tours, education for scouting organization, appearances and more. If you would like to arrange an event please visit our contact page and reach out to us.
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Fire Services

The Evansdale Fire Department is staffed with on call fire fighters 24/7 and equipment to suppress home, business, and other types of fires that occur in the community. The crew is comprised of volunteer fire fighters that are trained to handle dangerous situations and maintain expertise on the special equipment and procedures to handle emergency situations.
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